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What changes would you like to see?

We at Park Pals are working very hard to raise money for improvements to the park. So far we’ve helped install new benches as well as the much needed and very popular water fountain.

We would LOVE your opinion on what you’d like to see next at the park?
  • Rain Shelter
  • Improvements to high traffic areas
  • Doggie bag dispensers
  • Agility course
  • Improvements to the water features
  • More benches
  • Holes filled in

Please leave a comment with your TOP priority for the park. It doesn’t have to be something we’ve listed here. Also, if you’d like to donate  money to Park Pals you can do so here. Thank you!

First batch of tribute bricks installed!

Tribute bricks at French Lake Park

The first bunch of tribute bricks has finally been installed at the park entrance! Although we had ordered bricks last winter, the quality of those bricks and engraving was inconsistent so the board decided to use a different supplier and ordered replacements. That company will do the engraving in the future.

Each brick represents a special meaning or memory to the purchaser and/or patrons. Some of the bricks commemorate parties that were instrumental in seeking legalization for an off-leash park at French Lake.  

Kevin Morris was one of the people who participated in convincing the City Council that Federal Way needed an off-leash park. He foresaw that a non-profit organization would be beneficial to raise funds for park improvements and was one of the original incorporators of Park Pals. He loved his half Shepherd-half Great Dane,”Butt Butt”. Butt Butt was well trained, but often reminded many of us of Scooby Doo. Both are gone, but will be remembered fondly by those of us who patronized the park in its earlier years.

The name “Park Pals” was inspired by Mandy, an Airedale, whose people took her to the park daily. She loved to visit the pals she made at the park, especially those who gave out treats! When the group needed a name to identify those who supported getting the park declared legally off-leash, Park Pals was suggested by Mandy’s person.

The tribute area will grow as more bricks are purchased. The bricks will be a beautiful and lasting tribute to your friends and beloved doggie companions!   All proceeds from new brick orders will go toward our next project to benefit French Lake Park and its patrons.

Buy a tribute brick!

Celebrate your dog, companion, and/or your loved one!! For $50, you can buy a brick that will be installed near the fenced entry at French Lake Park. The brick will be inscribed with a “message” or sentiment of your choosing.

The bricks are smooth Inca bricks, measuring 4”X 8”X 1½”. All messages will be engraved in CAPITAL letters and can contain up to 3 lines, with a maximum of 15 characters (including spaces) per line.  An example of an engraved brick is shown below.

You can order a brick, by printing the order form below.  Fill in the required information, enclose the completed form, a $50 check or mail order payable to PARK PALS, and mail to the address listed on the form. The purchase may be tax deductible; check with your tax accountant!

Proceeds from brick sales are used to benefit French Lake Off-Leash Dog Park.

Brick Order Form

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