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New Park Bench and Doggie Bowls!

Check out our marvelous new park bench and doggie bowls, courtesy of your support and donations! The newest bench sits in the Northwest corner of our park, and is the 2nd bench purchased by Park Pals in the past 2 years.2014011895160815 2014012295134807There are a few new doggie bowls located around the park for dogs who are too busy to visit the fountain!


Parking Lot will be Closed

The French Lake/Lakehaven parking lot is in need of repairs. Lakehaven has a contractor scheduled to complete the repairs next week between Monday 11/25 – 11/27/2013. We cannot be sure what day it will be closed due to the weather forecast. As soon as we know the exact day the work will be scheduled we will update you and the public notice signs in the park.

Parks staff is posting the following notice at the park and in the parking lot today (11/18) in multiple areas.


Avoiding Disaster at French Lake Dog Park

As many of you know by now, last week a puppy was stabbed to death at Auburn’s off-leash dog park by an owner who claimed his dog was in the process of being attacked (Click here for more information on that story). This tragedy recalls the fatal 2010 shooting of a dog at the Severn, Maryland dog park by an owner who claimed his dog was under attack (more info).

Aside from the boatload of legal and criminal sanctions which either potentially (or in the Maryland case, did actually) rain down on a dog owner who chooses to use lethal force on another dog, we would very much like to avoid tragic and ugly incidents like those mentioned above at our park.


We believe we can minimize the chances of these types of tragedies by using common sense, and understanding and respecting the park rules. For any dog park to “work,” we as park patrons and stewards of the park:


1. Absolutely must be able and willing to control our dogs–this is a paramount and non-negotiable requirement to use the park. We have had some “near misses” at our park where violence has been threatened. Without fail, these incidents are triggered by an owner’s belief, whether justified or not, that their dog was put at risk by actual aggression, was about to be, or was being attacked. This is what occurred in both of the highly-publicized cases mentioned above.

2. Respect the rights of all park patrons. No one wants their trip ruined by other dogs’ interfering with their enjoyment of the park. We all bring our dogs to the park for different reasons, some of us play ball, some of our dogs love to play with or chase other dogs, others just want to walk around the park and get a little exercise. We need to respect the rights of the numerous other patrons in the park, even if their reasonable expectations differ from our own. A park experience can be (and many have been) ruined by dogs which interfere with others’ enjoyment of the park, whether by overly aggressive, unruly or rough behavior, or by stealing a toy or a ball. While many patrons are OK with this, we need to respect the rights of all our patrons. We have a large park, it’s sensible to relocate to another part of the park when you see or anticipate a conflict occurring.

3. If an incident where the threat of serious injury appears imminent (or a serious injury has actually occurred), if possible call 9-1-1 or Federal Way Animal Control. One key way to avoid incidents is by reporting problem or dangerous dogs. Dogs and owners can be (and have been) cited by law enforcement and/or banned from the park, and this helps keep the park safer for responsible patrons.

4. Remember that weapons are officially prohibited in Federal Way Parks.

Any thoughts or comments? Suggestions?  We would love our community to chime in by leaving comments here and on our Facebook Page. Please let us know what you think.



Purchase a Tribute Brick to honor special loved one!

The brick will be engraved with your special sentiments and placed in the tribute area at the French Lake Park entrance. Click here for details and order form.
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