A Big “Thank You” to PETCO once again!

Petco Thank U f April Donation

Petco Thank U f April Donation

Hey, Everybody, the PETCO Foundation has recently donated a check for $2,374.89 to Park Pals. Way to go, PETCO! Park Pals has used funds donated by or raised in partnership with PETCO  over the past several years to dramatically improve the park.  Among recent improvements purchased for our off-leash dog park  by Park Pals are the water fountain (2012), three benches (2012-14), two doggie stations (2014), the JoBox (storage box purchased in 2014), and three reinforced steel water bowls (2014). More to come soon!

Improvements made by the Parks Department

The volunteers did a great job in cleaning up the park earlier in March. The Federal Way Parks Department has made a number of improvements that will make a great difference to park users. They have fixed the fountain, added a water spigot, worked on the drainage problem at the park, and added some plantings to the entrance area.


The water fountain was donated by Park Pals in 2012. Unfortunately, it didn’t work well and always seemed to need work. The Parks Dept. added a filter that will keep the fountain from clogging. It really works well now. They also added a pump by the fountain that can be used to fill basins and water bowls.  It is set in a deep well of round river rocks for drainage.

Entrance 1Entrance 2Front DrainageFront Fountain 2Front Fountain 13-19-15 Park

March Work Party

Saturday, March 7, was a beautiful day at the Park. Volunteers worked hard to clean up the Park. Thank you to all those who volunteered!

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