Come Help at the Work Party on June 27th

Hey, everyone, Park Pals is having its summer work party on June 27th from 10 a.m. until ???? Come help us resume the battle with the relentless blackberries, tidy up the park and clean park  fixtures, etc. Lets help keep French Lake Park the best off-leash park around!!!!



The blackberry bushes below were clipped to about a 6-9 inch height when I did some trimming on March 9th, after our last Work Party. You can see how much they’ve grown since then, even without much natural or supplemental water  from LakeHaven.


P15-FLP june2015 work party posterIMAG0973

Remember to Change Out the Water in the Water Bowls!

Just a reminder, I think it’s a good idea for all of us to stay on top of ensuring there is fresh water for our pups in the park’s water bowls. Doing this has been made somewhat easier by the much-welcomed recent addition of the water hydrant by Federal Way Parks (good going, parks department!)

Previous visitors to a water bowl often cloud up or introduce debris into the bowls. This includes other doggies but also creatures such as the crows, who like to dip their food into and drink out of the bowls as well.


P15-Water Bowl IMAG0822-1

A Big “Thank You” to PETCO once again!

Petco Thank U f April Donation

Petco Thank U f April Donation

Hey, Everybody, the PETCO Foundation has recently donated a check for $2,374.89 to Park Pals. Way to go, PETCO! Park Pals has used funds donated by or raised in partnership with PETCO  over the past several years to dramatically improve the park.  Among recent improvements purchased for our off-leash dog park  by Park Pals are the water fountain (2012), three benches (2012-14), two doggie stations (2014), the JoBox (storage box purchased in 2014), and three reinforced steel water bowls (2014). More to come soon!

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