Report of car break-in at French Lake Off Leash Dog Park

At about 2:35PM on Sunday afternoon a car alarm was heard to go off in the parking lot at French Lake Park. A Park Pals officer who happened to be in the park immediately rushed to the parking lot and found a late model 4 door gray Saab automobile with the back window smashed. He saw a white, 2 door small SUV, possibly a Ford Explorer, speed out of the park. A young woman patron was a witness to the crime, and managed to get a picture on her cell phone of the white car and the driver. She described the driver as a young black male, wearing a white tank top, who threatened her with a hand gesture as he sped away.

FW Police were called and two officers in two police cars arrived within minutes. The owners of the Saab were located and were interviewed by officers Wilson and Mitsuyama. The victims were quite shaken by this experience on their first visit to the park. They did acknowledge that they had seen and read the new police posted signs that warned against leaving valuables in the cars.

The witness reported that she saw the criminal observing the two occupants of the Saab as they secured their purses in the back of the Saab, and then saw the criminal smash out the back window and grab the purses before driving out of the park at high speed.

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Dogs need water

Agility course tops votes for park improvements


  Park Patrons voted on their choice of one of six projects that they would favor by placing a sticker on the project poster.  The results were that the patrons strongly favored an “Agility Course”.  A total of about 135 votes for all the projects were registered during the 2.5 hour voting period, with 61 for the “Agility Course”, 29 for a rain shelter, 19 for bridges over muddy parts of the trail, 18 for general trail improvements, 5 for enhanced lighting at the entrance, and 4 for expanding the small dog enclosure.
  The board of directors will pursue the purchase and installation of the “Agility Course” with vendors and the city parks department.



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