January social event for volunteers

Santa and his helpers at the 2014 Santa Photo Event at Petco.

Santa and his helpers at the 2014 Santa Photo Event at Petco.

Park Pals will be sponsoring a Volunteer Meet-up /Volunteer Appreciation event open to all park patrons and past volunteers at Billy McHale’s from 4 to 5 p.m. on Saturday, January 24th. Appetizers will be provided for all attendees. (Billy McHale’s is now located at the old PJ Pockets site, 1320 S. 324th.)

Come find out from our volunteers just how much fun we had at the Santa shoot, what Park Pals did to improve the park in 2014 (ANSWER: Quite a Lot, Thank You!) and what’s in the works for the future!



All past volunteers at the recent Santa Photo Shoot at Petco are eligible to receive Park Pals T-shirts and doggie bandanas. A T-shirt will be provided to anyone who successfully guesses the five (5) types of creatures (not counting humans) that were photographed with Santa in 2014.





Determined dog goes to off-leash park

Bus dogHow does your dog get to the park…walks, skateboards, gets a ride with you? The Seattle Times reports that a black lab in Seattle takes a bus. Eclipse lives 4 bus stops away from the dog park. When her owner hasn’t finished smoking his cigarette in time to board the bus, the lab hops on board, watches out the window for her stop and gets off at the park stop. The owner catches up with the dog later.

Wonder where Eclipse keeps her bus pass?


2015 Calendar Sale



If you haven’t gotten your 2015 Park Pals calendar, there are some still available. The price has been dropped to $10!

You can purchase calendars at Mud Bay or Poverty Bay Cafe. Mud Bay is located at 1706 S 320th St, near Trader Joe’s. Poverty Bay is located south of the 320th Safeway store at 1108 South 322nd Place.



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